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 Restorations in Alaverdi monastery




A site on the forgotten peoples of the Caucasus

by Alex JTB



 Mtiuleti is mainly situated in the high mountainous part of the Dusheti Region and embraces the gorges of the rivers - the Mtiuleti Aragvi (the White Aragvi) and the Gudamakari Aragvi (the Black Aragvi).
   The road to the north lay on the territory of Mtiuleti since olden times. The Georgian kings fortified the whole of this gorge with fortresses for centuries with the purpose of defending the country from enemies. Therefore, if we do not take Svaneti into account, the greatest number of towers was built on its small territory, especially in the Khada Gorge, the left tributary of the White Aragvi.
   The Mtiuls are freedom-loving and brave people. They have never been serfs. 200 years ago when Russia occupied Georgia the Mtiuls were the first to rebel, and fought for a long time against the numerous enemy.
   The Mtiuleti villages are built along the Georgian Military Highway, passing through the Aragvi Gorge and in the gorges of the Aragvi tributaries.
   They grow barley, millet, wheat in small amounts, The traditional branch is home industry- processing wool, making rough kinds of cloth, preparing man's and woman's clothes, milling felt, working at horns and twising ropes. Mtiulian carpets are distinguished for the diversity of their colors. They traditionally prepare dyes from plants.
   There are many fortresses, cult buildings and towers in Mtiuleti. A slender type of a tower with a back is especially important. One must particularly mention Khadashi, situated in the Tetri Aragvi Gorge. There is an innumerable quantity of towers there. Vakhushti Bagrationi calls it a "rocky place with 60 towers". They are mainly built in the early feudal era (including the 10th century). The Makhvilo Fortress (in Gudamakari) also belongs to the early feudal era, as well as the old Seturi's, the Lomisi, the Khada fortresses, etc. Family and community icons, among them Lomisi St. Giorgi (in Mleta), Pirimse - the house angel (in Chokhi), Nipori St. Giorgi and numerous churches have also been preserved.

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Pitcher Wine Festival
Alaverdi Monastery

We are people who love wine, food, and culture are able to share these pleasures on vine-yards, in an atmosphere of celebration and conviviality.

16-19 September

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